Nashville Spring Break

Last week, I had the privilege to have the most enlightening Spring Break I have ever had.

Berklee hosts a trip down to Nashville every year and I decided as it is my last year as a Berklee student, I might as well see what the south’s got to offer!

After a 20+ hour bus ride down to Nashville, with my bus buddy Julia (Jules), 120 students including myself flocked the streets of Nashville. Along with my 3 roommates and Jules, I walked down Broadway checking out the tourist life. I tasted pulled pork for the first time ever, yes mom, pulled pork, and fantastic store-made ice cream, ending the night playing a mean game of laser tag. Which lets be honest, laser tag is just the ultimate win to end the night.

I woke up bright and early the next day (too early, if I may say) and headed over to Warner Music Nashville. That’s where throughout the next five days, I had the honor of having some really successful and extremely inspiring artists, producers, engineers, and managers talk to us.

As a songwriter, I really loved the passion and the stories that each songwriter that spoke to us shared. Amongst my favorites were Gary NicholsonAllen Shamblin, and Mike Reid (Reid and Shamblin co-wrote I Can’t Make You Love Me). Nicholson is probably one of the most gifted lyricist I’ve ever encountered, Shamblin: the most honest–literally put a the whole room in tears, and Reid: the most charming and funny with SO MUCH INSIGHT.

John Peets (manager of  The Black Keys) and Mark Jones from the management standpoint gave us all this knowledge on what to look for in managers as an artist and vice versa, how to be a good manager. A relationship between an artist and a manager is almost that of like a parent. It relies ultimately on trust. The manager is constantly looking out for what is best for the future of artist even when they don’t know it.

The production panel with Vance Powell, Tom Hambridge, Skylar Wilson, and Eric Masse and the alumni like Charlie Worsham, Sierra Hull, and more were REALLY great too! It was nice to see people recently out of school and doing great things!


I can ramble on for hours about each person and what they said but instead, I’m just gonna say a few tips and things I learned or was reminded of on this trip to Nashville:

  1. Know something about everything, and everything about something.
  2. Build Relationships, not networks. Relationships last.
  3. Practice and/or write everyday. If you don’t have that discipline, leave your instrument out of the case or give yourself reminders.
  4. In music, it’s not about having a career. Careers are limiting. You want to keep surpassing the goals you make and constantly grow.
  5. Knowing how to be a good player or vocalist is only half of it, be a good person to be around.
  6. Somebody in the midst of everything is doing something wonderful. It might as well be you


Picture Time!


Nashville- Ben Studio

Nashville Tracking Room

Nashville Pic With

Nashville Food





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Blueprint of a Dream Release Info

CD Pics


I want to start off by saying I’m sorry for the long wait. If it were up to me, I would have my music out to you as soon as I write it. However, from the early stages of writing, all the way to the completion quite a few things have to take place. Everything from finding the right players and producers, down to getting it mastered and finally pressed and ready to go…it’s been a journey…a WONDERFUL one at that. But now, IT’S HERE! It will be available for download and purchase on March 12, 2013, the perfect way to say goodbye to Winter and welcome in the Spring time! You’ll be able to purchase the album on iTunes and quite a few other distributers, but if you want a hard copy, contact me!

In the next week and a half, I will have a couple of goodies for you and the first one is the title track of my EP! Enjoy!









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Dear World Wide Web,

I’m extremely happy to be writing my first blog post ever on my first website ever about my first release ever. So let’s just state the obvious: A LOT OF FIRSTS being witnessed here!

I want to welcome you to! I’m still tweaking and adding content but I’m so grateful to have a source where I can share with you all of my intricacies, starting with my music—all the way to my food interests, and even some of my deepest thoughts.

First things first, as many of you know, I’m releasing my first EP titled Blueprint of a Dream and the name speaks for itself: it is all the hard work and planning that has led to this point. It’s all the fun, the laughter, the troubles, and anything that rattles my bones and inspires me, compiled into 5 songs. I’m so happy with how everything sounds that I’m bursting with joy!! In the next few weeks, I’ll be releasing a single, a behind the scenes video, and most importantly I’ll be letting you know the date of which you can listen to the full EP.

Secondly, this website can serve as a restaurant finder for you in the Boston area. Why? I’m going to be trying out different restaurants each week (most weeks) and rating them on the VERONICA SCALE OF GOODNESS. And let me tell you, I am a picky picky eater, and though for most of my life it has resulted in me being made fun of for ordering bottled water, freshly squeezed juices, etc, etc,  I have developed a keen taste for trying to find the best restaurants in the different price zones. I will acknowledge the FOOD, SERVICE, & ENVIRONMENT, the 3 things restaurants need to be good at as well as some other fun facts. If you want me to check out a restaurant before you do, let me know and I’ll be glad to rate it! (I’ll save you the time and money.) More info on it will come with my first food blogging experience!

Finally, please browse around the site and contact me with any questions!



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