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Veronica Tavares was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from where she migrated to Miami and is now a Boston-based Singer/Songwriter. With strong influences of the current popular singer-songwriters, she found herself dipping her toes and then diving into the waters of Pop music. Coming from a family of classical musicians, her lifelong affair with music began at the age of five with the violin. Hours of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” that with time transformed into daily orchestra rehearsals, youth symphonies, and solo performances, Veronica found herself intrigued with the endless possibilities in music.

She had a brief fling with musical theatre making her realize that singing was her true passion. At the age of 15, she started taking voice lessons and found herself completely indulged in the world of singing. Having little experience on the piano and even less on the guitar, she began to spend her late nights forming chords—trying to learn an accompaniment instrument.

She saw that writing, like most things in life, took a lot of practice. She accepted the challenge and started paving her way to her goals. In the spring of 2010, she found out that she was accepted into Berklee College of Music as a voice student. Fresh out of high school in the fall of 2010, she stepped into the city with a mind yearning for the knowledge that encompassed her. Veronica is constantly inspired by her surroundings; the type of person who scribbles down snippets of her friends’ conversations to later use as song ideas, she’s not one that is able to turn off the songwriter part of the brain. Aside from songwriting, Veronica loves exploring new restaurants (total foodie), sleeping in, and getting a good laugh.

She is currently working on her debut EP. It will be a five-song album, titled “Blueprint of a Dream” that is set to release early 2013. The EP pulls together ideas of our daily life and is a blueprint for which Veronica plans to build her career upon. “It’s so fulfilling to see my own ideas grow into something so much larger than I could’ve imagined,” Veronica states, “this EP is my first step into the music world, it is the honest me, sharing a little bit of myself with the people around me.“ Once “Blueprint of a Dream” is released, Veronica plans on performing shows throughout the east coast.

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